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We specialize in collaborating with lawyers to safeguard client assets whenever feasible. Whether you've just started Medicaid Planning or are considering it, we can assist you effortlessly in the process. We assist attorneys in executing Medicaid intake, planning, client management, and other related services. Additionally, we offer client referrals from senior agencies and communities in various states.

Law Office

You can have complete confidence in our team's abilities and expertise. We are fully equipped to provide you with exceptional assistance.

penalty calculation

Our team possesses the expertise to precisely calculate your clients' anticipated penalty duration and safeguarded assets.


We delve into the nuances of Medicaid policy specific to each state, in order to provide tailored solutions to your clients' unique situations.


Our process offers the highly advantageous benefit of managing all client communications and the application process in tandem with the state agency. This collaboration guarantees a streamlined and effortless experience for our clients.

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