Medicaid Support.

Real help that matters.



Our Story

Medicaid Support, LLC is a Medicaid consulting agency providing professional services to elder law attorneys, senior communities and other agencies and professionals.  We provide services in all states.

Who We Are

Our curated team of Medicaid professionals have multifaceted experience in different sectors allowing us to be a company of subject matter experts.  We've worked for and alongside the professionals and Medicaid applicants we serve.

Our Vision

We want to change the way Medicaid is presented by diminishing stereotypes through informative facts, easy to navigate processes and the way we value Medicaid recipients.





Medicaid Planning

Custom planning for Medicaid now or in the future.  We help clients prepare for applying for Medicaid benefits when they are needed.

Eligibility Reviews

We review eligibility with the same scrutiny as state Medicaid agencies. We  help clients foresee and  provide options to resolve issues with obtaining medicaid.


Application Help

As Medicaid professionals, we know the ins and outs of the Medicaid process.  We help file and complete applications for benefits.

Denials & Appeals

We review denials and complete appeals for initial applications or loss of eligibility due to changes in circumstances.


Get real Medicaid help from a subject matter expert.  We help professionals and organizations understand Medicaid and implement processes to assist with processing applications and securing bottom lines.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Knowledge is power.  We are committed to knowing more each day because the more we know the more we can inform and help people get the benefits they need and deserve.  We engage in continuing education, even when not required.

Years of Experience

Our team comfortably navigates Medicaid because we've been there.  We have the experience in determining eligibility as state workers and Certified Medicaid Planners.  Collectively we have over 25 years of direct Medicaid experience.

Medicaid Policy Experts

When it comes to Medicaid, policy is everything.  We do our own policy research to ensure we help clients utilize the rules and regulations for successful outcomes.




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